Cadre Tips: DFQ-DW (Don’t F***ing Quit – Drinking Water)

April 3rd, 2014 | Categories: Cadre Tips | by Cadre Bert

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     GORUCK Selection is really a hydration contest with exercise scenery and Special Forces Cadre included. The goal leading up to Selection is to maximize your training and calorie intake in order to enhance your performance without pushing your system over the edge and exceeding your stomach’s capacity to absorb nutrients.  All too often at Selection we see Candidates go into a caloric deficit as well as become dehydrated.  The result the majority of the time is the tendencies to overcompensate and drink too much water during the events, which almost always leads to vomiting, further dehydration, cramping, med drop from Selection, and in some worst case scenarios….Rhabdomylosis (aka Rhabdo). Rhabdomylosis, which literally means “dissolution of skeletal muscle,” is a serious syndrome due to a direct or indirect muscle injury resulting from a breakdown of muscle fibers and the subsequent release of their contents into the bloodstream. This can lead to complications such as kidney (renal) failure,  when the kidneys cannot remove waste and concentrated urine. In rare cases, rhabdomyolysis can even cause death.   However, prompt treatment often brings a good outcome.  The key to avoid these catastrophic crashes is to train your body to operate on minimal food and minimal sleep, while at the same time staying hydrated prior to arriving at GORUCK Selection.

Military Monday: Thank You, Mike K.

March 31st, 2014 | Categories: Military Monday | by mike k.


Today will be the last Daily PT session.  For me, it's been an incredible experience to have been a part of this project that we started almost a year ago.  We hope you have enjoyed the daily content.  Please continue to use our archived workouts, the video exercise series, and the 6-week GRC training program as resources as you continue your fitness endeavors. Even though daily workouts will no longer be a part of this blog, other original content will continue to be added such as Cadre Tips and AAR's.   

Thank you to those that have followed the GR Training Page, I hope to run into all of you sometime at a GR Event.  


Daily PT

5 Sets of:
Front Squat x 3
Rest 60 seconds
Strict Pull-Ups x 6-8 @20X2
Rest 2-3 minutes

5 Sets for time of:
7 x DB Ground-to-Overhead
11 x Burpee Box Jumps (24"/20")

Optional PT Run
5-Mile Time Trial

Just The Tip

For A, you are going for a heavy 3 reps as you build your weight on each set.  If you're feeling it today, go for a 3-rep max. Your goal is to at least be able to do 3 reps of your bodyweight. It's a standing rule at our gym that you must be able to bodyweight front squat for 3-reps before adding high level plyometrics to your program.  

For B, you choose the DB load. Pick a weight that is challenging but you are able to get all 7-reps unbroken for at least the first three sets. Ground-to-Overhead simply implies that you use some combination of DB clean and press/jerk.

For C, we just finished a 12-week run program to help set you up for a better 5-mile time. So today you are re-testing your 5-mile time.

Ruckoff Sunday: End The Week

March 30th, 2014 | Categories: Ruckoff Sunday | by mike k.


Daily PT

4 Sets of:
Bent Over Barbell Row x 7-9
Rest 30 seconds
Feet Elevated Push-Ups x 10-15
Rest 30 seconds
Russian KBS x 20 unbroken
Rest 2-3 minutes

4-5 Sets for Time of:
400m Run
30 x Walking Lunges

Just The Tip

For A, build load each set for the row.  When doing the push-ups place your feet on a bench or box about 16-20" off the ground. All standards apply to the push-up, chest to the deck, full elbow extension. For the RKBS, choose a heavy KB but one that you can do 20 unbroken reps with.

For B, if you feel good today, go for 5 sets. When doing walking lunges, be sure that your back knee touches the ground and you return to a tall position at the top. Don't "creepy crawl" the lunges.

Ruckout Saturday: First GORUCK HCL Is Upon Us…

March 29th, 2014 | Categories: Ruckout Saturday | by mike k.


Daily PT

Ruck Sack March
Distance: 20-Miles
Load out: 65#'s
Pace: 15 minutes/mile


Just The Tip

Choose 1-2 stretching/mobilizations for both the upper and lower body each. For those of you running and rucking up to 3-4 x's / week, focus on your calves and thoracic spine. A lacrosse ball works best on your calves, followed by stretching. A foam roll works great for your upper back to help open up the thoracic area.

Tight and rounded shoulders can sometimes be a result of chronic rucking.

The foam roll plays a vital roll in mitigating these problem areas.

Gear Up, Beer Up, Friday: Get Weekend Ready

March 28th, 2014 | Categories: Gear Up, Beer Up Friday | by mike k.


Daily PT

    – Take 15 minutes to build to a heavy triple

DB Bench Press
    – Use 5 sets to build to a heavy 5-reps

Teams of TWO will alternate to complete:

5 Sets each of:
10 x KBS (53#/35#)
:45 second x FLR

Rest 5 minutes, then:

5 Sets each of:
30 x Double Unders
10 x Pull-Ups

Just The Tip

For both A and B, you are progressively loading the bar and DB's and building to a heavy 3-reps for the DL and a heavy 5-reps for the DB BP. These don't necessarily have to be 3 and 5-rep max lifts. A progressive rep scheme for the DL may look like 1×7; 1×5; 1×3; 1×3; 1×3. And for the DB BP it may look like 1×8; 1×6; 1×5; 1×5; 1×5. Try not to rest more than 3 minutes b/n sets.

For C, if you are doing this solo, take 60-90 seconds of rest b/n sets. You can make the FLR harder by adding a load over your upper back. A sandbag works great. Pull-Ups can be strict or kipping today. 

St_Augustine_Challenge (89 of 202)

Daily PT

Fractioned Deck of Cards, Part 2
Take the 2,4,6,8,10 cards out of each suit. Throw in the two Jokers as well.
Shuffle the fractioned deck.

Do Three Sets of Hearts = Push-Ups
Spades = Kettlebell Goblet Squats (53#/35#)
Diamonds = DB Step-Ups (35#/20#)
Clubs = Feet Elevated, Supine Body Row
Joker #1 = 300m Shuttle Run
Joker #2 = 25 x Burpees

Rest 5 min between sets.

Just the Tip

Time how long it takes you to do each set.  Try to be consistent. Re-shuffle the deck for each set. Adjust the weight of the KB’s and DB’s accordingly. For the step-ups, each step-up = a rep.  So if you draw a 2, its not two for each leg, just two total.  But always alternate legs. For the Feet Elevated, supine body row, you can use a bar, rings, or TRX.  For today, the prescription calls for you to elevate your feet on a bench or box about 18-20" high.  With your body straight, pull your chest to the bar/rings/trx.  Return to arms extended.  If you can't perform this with you feet elevated, put your feet on the floor. For the shuttle run, place two cones 50m apart.  Sprint down and back three times, equaling 300m.  

Good Livin’ Wednesday: On The Odd, On The Even

March 26th, 2014 | Categories: Good Livin' Wednesday | by mike k.


Daily PT

12 minute EMOM of:
Even:  6 x Pull-Ups
Odd:  9 x DB Thrusters

Rest 4-6 minutes

10 minute EMOM of:
On the Even - :30 seconds:  SD Box Jumps (24"/20")
On the Odd - :20 seconds:  KBS (53#/35#)

Rest 3-5 minutes

8 minute EMOM of:
Even:  15/10 Calorie Airdyne
Odd:  6-8 DB Plank Burpees

Optional Ruck Sack March
Time: One Hour
Load Out: 80#'s
Record Distanced covered

Just The Tip

For A, the pull-ups are strict. Scale with assisted pull-ups or TRX supine rows. Your DB load should allow you to do 9-reps unbroken but heavy enough to make the reps challenging.

For B, "SD" represents Step-Down box jumps. In 30-seconds, do max reps of SDBJ, followed by 30-seconds of rest. Then do 20-seconds of max rep KBS (Russian style), followed by 40-seconds of rest.  Continue for a total of 5-sets of each.

For C, you can sub the AD with rowing or 100-meter sprint. 15 calories for the fellas and10 calories for the ladies. For DB plank burpees, you will hold a pair of DB's at your sides, go down into the plank position, the jump in and jump back up to the standing position. Your call on the DB load. Go for 8-reps but in the later sets you may have to scale back to 6 or 7 reps.

Timeless Tuesday: Sandbag Man

March 25th, 2014 | Categories: Timeless Tuesday | by mike k.


Daily PT

EMOM x 10 minutes of:
Power Clean + 2 x Push Press/Jerk 
    *** Use ~70% of your Push Press 1RM

5 Sets of:
Sandbag Power Clean x 12
Sandbag Zircher Squats x 9
Sandbag Shoulder-to-Overhead x 6
24 x Double Unders

Optional Push-Up/Sit-Up PT
4 Sets of:
8-12 x Ring or TRX Push-Ups @ 20X5
Rest 60-90 seconds
15-20 x DB Weighted Anchored Sit-Ups
Rest as needed before next set of push-ups

Just The Tip

For A, warm-up and build up to ~70% of your PP 1RM. Once you begin your EMOM you may increase or deceases your load as needed. So if you feel you can go heavier, you can build your weight throughout the EMOM.  

For B, the sandbag is loaded to your personal capabilities. The STO will probably be your most difficult element, so adjust your load based on how much you can lift overhead.

For C, adjust your rings or trx to the lowest level that allows you to get full range of motion on the push-up. Some will be able to place the rings/trx only a few inches off of the ground, while others may have to elevate themselves a little higher to reduce the percentage of bodyweight that you will push. Stick to the tempo. Two seconds down and a five second hold at the top, plank position. For the sit-ups, hold a DB, Medball, or sandbag on your chest and anchor your feet under a pair of heavy DB's.