Thursday Thrasher: The Wisdom of the Blade

June 13th, 2013 | Categories: Thrasher Thursday | by jason

"I'm lucky to know dudes that did this kind of PT with me back in the day. Guys like Blade who taught me how to stay alive, guys who saved my life, guys who trusted me with their lives. I'm a hypocrite now because I love it and it makes you stronger, but it hurts – not gentle hurt, bad hurt – so I don't recommend it. But  Java does and so do a bunch of the guys, so all I'll say is that if you give it a go, listen to your body. There's always tomorrow unless tomorrow is today." - jason

Daily PT

‚ÄčDo this with a partner or else you’ll probably cheat yourself. As Blade says, do not cheat yourself.

100 Chin-Ups
When you reach failure, your partner helps you as much as he really thinks you need it. Take rest if you absolutely need it, but you’re not done till you do 100. Then switch with your partner.
300 Four-Count Flutter Kicks
Keep your toes pointed, place both hands under your butt for support of your lower back. Four-count means that each toe comes up twice. The cadence goes: 1 – 2 – 3 – 1. 1 -2 – 3 – 2. Etc. The final number is the count, the 1 -2 – 3 are your toes up. Do it simultaneously with your partner till the 4th number is 300.
100 Push-Ups.
The two authorized rest positions while doing push-ups are up-dog and down-dog. If you don’t know yoga poses, you should learn. Yoga is legit.

1 min rest. Drink water.
100 Lunges
Straight back, knee touches the ground every time. Better form, less distance is preferred. One knee touch = one. This gets your legs pumping before the distance.
10 Mile Run. 
Don’t forget to love every second of it.

When you get back, do the PT Session all over again. Yeah, the entire thing.

Just the Tip

Endurance is the name of the game in Special Forces, and endurance means you’re strong enough to carry weight great distances, it also means you’re stud enough to not fall out when the mission goes on and on and on. Have fun and I’ll thank Blade for all of you next time I see him.

The Back Story

Phase 3 of my Special Forces Q-Course experience was supposed to be about learning how to become a Communications expert. But Blade and Razor, the lead Cadre of the Phase, must have thought it was the smoke session phase. CrossFit was newer back then, and they were my introduction to it. It was 0500 in January at Fort Bragg, and we were about to get warm. “Men,” said Blade while Razor just nodded, “CrossFit’s great. One workout does a lot in a little bit of time. But imagine if you did back-to-back workouts with a 10 mile run thrown in the middle. That’s how you’re going to be the heroes your nation needs you to be.” And then we got it on. Don’t forget to blast the music as loud as your ears can handle it. Blade’s pick was Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand, on one song repeat.